Feast or Famine - Assassin & Confessions from the Principal's Chair

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Assassin.jpegMore books I've been feasting on. I refuse to post about the books that strike me as Famine.

I've read two books by Anna Myers recently. She's an SCBWI Regional Advisor in Oklahoma and always makes me laugh when I meet her. I suddenly realized after the SCBWI LA Conference this year that I hadn't read any of her books. Duh! Both of these books are in that Tween land where they are sometimes classified as middle grade (mg) and sometimes as young adult (YA).

Assassin (Walker and Company) by Anna Myers

This story is told in alternating viewpoints - Bella, a young impressionable girl, who has lost her mother to death and been abandoned by her father, wants to be on the stage and Wilkes, better know as John Wilkes Booth, the actor who shot and killed Abraham Lincoln. I sometimes was annoyed with Bella, but Wilkes was totally convincing. Don't skip the prologue!

Confessions.jpegConfessions from the Principal's Chair (Walker and Company) by Anna Myers

Bird is sitting in the principal's chair and how she got there and what she does takes you for a ride in the mind of an 8th grade girl. This book is funny, and too true - boy, do I remember those feelings of trying to make my mother feel bad - and has a really satisfying ending.

Think I'll have to go read more books by Anna...

If you want to know more about her, go to her website at http://annamyers.info/

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