Novel in Verse . . . for boys - Hate That Cat

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HATE THAT CAT.gifI've long wondered if there were any novels written in verse that didn't have girl main characters. Now, I know there's at least one. I stumbled across Hate That Cat (Joanna Cotler Books, 2008) by master writer Sharon Creech. In it I met Jack, and traveled through his school year with him. He made me laugh out loud a number of times as he himself is learning about poetry and poets. (Regarding the latter, he always wants to know if they are alive.) Jack also tugged on my heart strings. Isn't he lucky to have Ms Stretchberry as his teacher? Again.

LOVE THAT DOG.jpgNow I've found out that Hate that Cat is a sequel to Love that Dog. Even though the second book revealed what happened to the dog, I still have to go get the story and read it. I think I might also need to share these books with my grandsons now that they are old enough.

Sharon shares the inspiration for these stories and tidbits about them on her site. Click on novels, then choose which one you want to read about.

1 Comment

I'll have to put this book on my TBB list... I have a WIP that I would like to gear towards boys and I need some good models to study. :) Thanks, Sue!

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