Hard to put down! - Divergent

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Divergent.jpg Divergent (Katherine Tegan Books, 2011) by Veronica Roth is one of those incredible books that holds you tight to itself.

Beatrice has been raised in a very self-abasing faction, but now has to choose which faction to belong to. Her tests were . . . inconclusive . . . a fact she must keep to herself. Choosing another faction will mean she will be separated from her parents and her brother, but how can she stay? Abnegation doesn't really fit her.

Veronica Roth has created such a strong and believable world that it's hard to imagine this society doesn't exist. I'm not alone in admiring her work--today I found out there's going to be a movie! And I came across a fansite for the trilogy. I, too, am really looking forward to the next few books, although I was very satisfied with book one--it truly could stand alone.

If you like The Hunger Games, I bet you'll like Divergent.

Read Veronica's reaction to the book's best selling status on her blog. Watch that space for news about the sequel, Insurgent, movie news, and more. Wow, and check out how many countries are publishing Divergent!

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