Work-for-Hire Resources

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Plug into these resources:


"Book Packaging: Under-explored Terrain for Freelancers" by Jenna Glatzer

"Breaking Into the Juvenile Market as a Writer for Hire" by Rachel Plummer

"How to Find a Work-for-Hire Assignment with a Book Packager" - (This is a sample work-for-hire article - see how no author credit?)

"How to Write School Curriculum"

"Know Your Rights: Works Made for Hire"

"Template Work-For-Hire Packet"

"Tips for Writing for the Education Market" by Evelyn B. Christensen

"What You Need to Know About Work for Hire" by Jan Fields

"Work for Hire FAQ" by Vijaya Bodach

"Work for Hire, or How to Get Work in Children's Books Quicker" by A. Humann

"Works Made for Hire Under the 1976 Copyright Act" - United States Copyright Office

"Writing for the Educational Market" by Margo L. Dill

Some other posts on work-for-hire on my site:
"How'd You Get That Gig?"
"Diane Bailey, Work-for-hire Champion"


"Educational Publishing" with Joanne Mattern

Work-for-Hire vs. Royalty Writing (Part 1) and Work-for-Hire vs. Royalty Writing (Part 2) with Nancy I. Sanders


A Children's Writer's Toolbox for Work for Hire
- Molly Blaisdell

Educational Markets for Children's Writers - Evelyn B. Christensen

Guide in Links: Book Packaging and Work-for-Hire
- Chandler Craig

Writing for the Education Market - a discussion and resource for freelance writing and working for the education market.

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Excellent resources, Sue! I plan to check these out and use them. Thank you!

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