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Marvelous Middle Grade Monday

Heart of a Shepherd (Random House Books for Children, 2009) by Rosanne Parry is a lovely book. I enjoyed the intergenerational relationships, the faith of the main character, and a look into a military and shepherd family's life.

12 year old Brother (Ignatius) is not happy. His dad, who is in the Reserves, has to go to Iraq. His older brothers are away at school and he and his grandparents have to keep the ranch going. Brother thinks that keeping the ranch the same will help bring his dad home safely. But sheep ranching is not really his thing.

One of the things I especially enjoyed on Rosanne's website is the story of how she got her idea for Heart of a Shepherd. Here's encouragement for other writers from her site: "It took me seven years to go from my first idea for Heart of a Shepherd to a finished book. But in those seven years I also wrote another novel, two mysteries, lots of short stories and many newspaper and magazine articles."

I next plan to read Second Fiddle, another book by Roseanne about military families.

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