Light-hearted Story - The Grand Plan to Fix Everything

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Marvelous Middle Grade Monday

GrandPlan.jpg11-year-old Dini and her best friend, Maddie, love watching Bollywood movies and are big fans of movie star Dolly Singh. When Dini's mother drops the big news that the family is moving to India for two years, the girls are heartbroken at being separated. If Dini and her family were at least going to Bombai where the filmi people are, she might get to see her favorite movie star. But, no, they are going to a little town called Swapnagiri. However, fate has something surreal in mind for Dini. Of course, fate does get some help from Dini herself.

The Grand Plan to Fix Everything (Atheneum, 2011) by Uma Krishnaswami and illustrated by Abigail Halpin is a fun read. I liked a look into a world I know nothing about. I especially like how all the threads of the different people and their stories come together in this novel.

Go to Uma's website to see other books by this prolific author. She also teaches for the Vermont College MFA program in Writing for Children and Young Adults.

And if you, like me, enjoy the cover of this book go to Abigail's website and see what else she is up to or go to her blog where she posts sketches.

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Uma just let me know that the sequel comes out next year! It's titled: The Problem with Being Slightly Heroic.

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