A Dark Story - Wooden Bones

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WoodenBones12.jpgWooden Bones (Simon & Schuster, 2012) by Scott William Carter is a dark retelling of Pinocchio. I love this sentence on the first page: "So although something extraordinary had certainly happened in this little town at the edge of a great forest, the first strange person didn't show up asking about it until nearly winter."

Here's a brief intro: Pino has been working as an apprentice with Geppeto, his papa for 6 weeks. "It had been long enough that he'd started to forget all about his terrible old life." Then a stranger comes to the door and talks to Papa. When the second one comes, Pino gets an idea of what these strangers want--for Geppetto to bring back a lost one. When Pino finds he can bring wood to life, the two must flee before an angry mob.

I won't spoil the story with any more details. But it's a very good book!

Read about Scott and his books here.

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