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Steelheart.jpgSteelheart (Delacorte Press, 2013) by Brandon Sanderson is the first book of the Reckoners trilogy. In this world there are people with superpowers, but they aren't superheroes, instead they are evil. Ordinary people call them Epics.

David saw the evil firsthand when he was a child. The all powerful Steelheart came to take over the city and bring all other Epics under his control. In the process Steelheart heartlessly kills David's father right in front of him. David will never forget.

Now a teen, David has been studying Epics and a hidden group of people called the Reckoners who are fighting back. David wants to join them and help take out Steelheart.

The second book is Firefight and the last one Calamity.Firefight.jpg There's also a novelella set between books one and two called Mitosis. Calamity.jpg I'll need to check them out, too.

Read about the author here and all of his other books here.

I recommended his book The Rithmatist here.

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