Truths, Principles, and Wisdom

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help-2478193_1280.jpgSome favorite articles/blog posts/essays about writing I've read recently along with appropriate quotes for each section.


"Forget all the rules. Forget about being published. Write for yourself and celebrate writing." - Melinda Haynes

"25 Truths About the Work of Writing" by Greer Macallister

"3 Principles for Finding Time to Write" by Jane Friedman


"Use your social media to create long-term connections with readers and authors alike. Engage with followers in an organic way without constantly peddling your wares." - Saritza Hernandez

"Is Tweeting a Must for Authors?" by Dear Editor aka Deborah Halverson

Children's Book Authors Are Selling More Than Books. They're Taking a Stand.
by Maria Russo


"A picture book must have lots of potential for illustration. If nothing much changes visually in the story, then it may not be a good fit for a picture book." - Kim Norman

Darcy Pattison and Leslie Helakoski-"How Do You Know If You've Written a Picture Book?"

Word Banks for Picture Books - "At a Loss for Words? Try Making a Word Bank by: Barb Rosenstock for Sherri Jones Rivers"


"Make your novel readable. Make it pleasant to read. This doesn't mean flowery passages; it means strong, simple, natural sentences." - Laurence D'Orsay

"The Process of Novel Writing: Transitions" by Jan Fields at the Institute for Writers - a newsletter you may want to subscribe to

"Use Theme to Determine Subplots, Supporting Characters, and Tension" by Becca Puglisi

Do you have some favorite articles to share? Please put them in the comments.

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