The Truth as Told by Mason Buttle

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MasonButtle.jpgThe Truth as Told by Mason Buttle (Katherine Tegen Books, 2018) by Leslie Connor has such a sympathetic character. I couldn't wait to find out what had happened.

Mason is the biggest, tallest kid in seventh grade. He also has a sweating problem. And writing is extremely difficult for him. Of course, that means he's bullied. But Ms. Blinny believes he has stories in him and lets him use a computer that translates his spoken words into text. Maybe Lieutenant Baird can read those printouts and will believe Mason's oft-told story of what he knows about his friend Benny's death.

Life gets better with a new funny friend, Calvin. But when Calvin goes missing, the Lieutenant suspects Mason for this too.

The book is a National Book Award Finalist and is on a number of "Best Book" lists for 2018.

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