The Nitty Gritty of Children's Writing - Alphabetical by Title

175 Proof

4 Ways to Make Your Characters "Talk Different" (guest post)


After the Critique

Agents Telling What They Want

Altitude and Attitude - Adult or Child?

Are Listserves a Service or a Waste of Time?

Attribution or Action

Author Talks versus Workshops

Authors in the Classroom


Back Up!

Before You Sign: Contract Resources

Bloggers Supporting Other Bloggers

Book It! – Recording What You Read


Can children and teens get their work published?

Children’s Book Genres

Considering Self-Publishing?

Confessions of a Writer Easily Distracted

Critique Groups: Go For It!

Critique Methods : A Sample Face-to-Face Critique, Online Critiques, One-On-Ones

Cut in the Critique


A Dark Side of Social Media

Dialogue Tips

Distancing Your Reader

Diverse Books

Do As I Say

Do It Myself!

Do You Remember?

Do You Struggle with Grammar?

Don’t Throw in the Towel

Double Identity (pen names)

Down with Discouragement

Dragged to the Podium


Emotions and Feelings

An Editor’s Day


Follow the Yellow Brick Road, er, Writers’ Guidelines


Genre Resources

Give up or press on?

Glossary of Publishing Terms

Going Back to School (school visits)


He Thought to Himself and Other Excesses

Heartbroken – an encouraging post about querying (guest post)

Hooking Your Reader

How to Evaluate a Good Blog Gig and Earn What You Deserve (guest post)

How to Stand Out

How to Start Querying an Agent (guest post)

How’d You Get That Gig?


Illustrator Resources

I'm a Work-in-Progress

Inspiration from Kate DiCamillo

Is That Right? (magazine rights)


Keeping Track

Kids Reading Books and Saying What They Think

Kidz Only! Adults Keep Out!


Listen to the Teen Voices


Magazine Story or Picture Book?

Make It Work for You

Making Friends: Character Development

Market Research Resources – Agents

Meeting Editors and Agents – In Person

Meeting Editors and Agents – Online

Mind Your Cs and Qs (Cover Letters, Queries, Contracts):

part one, part two, part three

Missing Students

MS Wish List

My Favorite Online Resources


Naming Characters - From Mary's Notebook

Naming Your Character

Nancy I. Sanders on Writing Nonfiction

Nonfiction Writing


One Size Does NOT Fit All

Online Resources for Children's Writers and Illustrators

On the Hunt for Ideas

Organizations and Groups



Patience Required

Perfecting Dialogue Punctuation

Picture Book Month

Picture Book Resources

Picture Perfect Picture Books

Plodding or Plotting

Poor Man's Copyright

The Power of a Good First Line

Preparation and Practice for Public Speaking

Professional Problem Maker

Public Speaking Phobia


Raise the stakes, honey (guest post)

Read, Read, Read

Ready, Set, Goal

Reducing Word Count

Resizing Photos for Use on Websites


Rhyming Picture Books


The Sandwich of Critique

Say What?

School Visits, the Extended Version

Self-Editing Tips

Sensory Details

Shadowing a Submission

Showing Versus Telling

Slow Down, You Move too Fast

Standard Manuscript Format

The Story Ladder or Novel Timeline


Sucessful Cover Letters

Swift Fiction - The Short Story in Focus

The Synopsis Shrink


Taglines and Beats

Technicalities - More Thoughts on Public Speaking

Theme and Premise

Theme List Tactics

Truth in Fiction

Turning Ideas into Stories – Workshop


Viewpoint in Children's Fiction


Website Q & A with Don Ford

Welcome, Diane Bailey, Work-for-hire Champion

What Do You Do When You’re Stuck?

What Shall I Describe?

What Stops Me Reading!

What Would Sue Do?

When Educational Publishers Ask for Your Résumé

Why Twitter?

Why Write?

Work-for-Hire also known as WFH

Work-for-Hire Resources

Work-for-Hire Wisdom

Write Well When the Muse Is Sleeping

Writing a Novel? Where Does It Fit?

Writing and Life Balance

Writing Business Expenses

Writing Process Blog Tour