FUN FACTS about Sue

I weighed 3 lbs 10 ounces when I was born. That's less than a 1/2 gallon of milk! Most babies weigh 6 to 9 lbs at birth. How much did you weigh?

Speaking of birthdays, I share mine with author Neil Gaiman and Martin Luther.

After I learned about volcanoes when I was a kid, I thought the hill near our house might blow up!

In the winter my house was so cold in the mornings, I used to dress under the covers. We didn’t have a thermostat to turn up for heat. Someone had to build a fire in the wood furnace. Usually that was my mom since she was up first. We all added wood to the furnace throughout the day. Often we had a fire in the fireplace, too.

Susie & Boots

My earliest memory is waiting with my brother for my sister to bring home a new puppy. I was 3. In this picture Boots is full grown and my sister and her friend are dressing me up.

My big sister tells me that when I was little I once cut off her doll's hair. After she got mad, I told her, "It'll grow back."

I’ve visited 4 other countries: Canada, Haiti, England and Thailand. When I was a kid, I wanted to go to Africa. I still do!

black cat German Shepherd

I've always loved animals. I can't remember not having cats around when I was a kid. Right now my husband and I have one cat, Salem, and one dog, India. In the mornings Salem stands on the stairs and wants you to pet him. India is pretty funny - she likes to sit at my feet under my desk, even though she hardly fits. India is a German Shepherd/Keeshond mix, though we also suspect Yellow Lab mix.

My 2nd most embarrassing moment when I was a kid

You thought I'd tell you about the first one? No way!

Here's the 2nd:

At the end of my fourth grade school year, my teacher pulled me aside and gave me a handwriting book so I could practice my cursive penmanship over the summer. I was SO embarrassed that I threw the book away where no one would ever find it! I never told my parents. And look, the teacher gave me a Satisfactory that time in penmanship!

4th grade report card

Nicknames as a Kid

Susie, Swuzzy, SusieQ

My favorite food when I was a kid

Was Welsh Rarebit that I always called Welsh Rabbit. It's homemade cheese sauce that we ate over crackers. Yummy.

Where I grew up

Klamath Falls, Oregon. My mom taught piano and organ lessons. My dad owned a TV repair shop where he sometimes let me help out.

I have two older brothers and one older sister. When I started first grade, one brother was a freshman in college, the other a senior in High School, and my sister was in Junior High.

Where I live now

Near Portland, Oregon. I also have lived near Seattle, Washington (twice); Denver, Colorado; Highland Park, New Jersey, and in Kansas near Kansas City, Missouri.

Nickname Now

Sue - this is basically my everyday name.