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Lean into adversity Wrap your

Lean into adversity. Wrap your arms around it, shake it off, and pack it under.
Vanessa Brantley-Newton

Have faith in your art

Have faith in your art, even when others don't.
Sean Qualls

Details make stories human and

Details make stories human, and the more human a story can be, the better.
V. S. Pritchett

You can have all the

You can have all the talent in the world, but if you're not determined, you're going to let something stop you.
Judy Blume

Remember this no one has

Remember this: no one has ever been to your story world except for you.
Gila Green

Lean into adversity Wrap your

Have faith in your art

Details make stories human and

You can have all the

Remember this no one has

Writing is a craft You

Write for the kindred spirits

To live a creative life

The voice of the inner

The first sentence of your

The weird thing about writing

Literature adds to reality It

Genius is immediate but talent

Ill keep at it stubbornly

Writing is hard publishing is

A book might not sell

You dont make art out

Creativity is born from two

The mere habit of writing

It is with words as

If you discover that your

The character that lasts is

In order for backstory to

If you can quit then

As a storyteller your job

My job as a writer

One of the hardest things

The starting place for any

If you really want to

You dont get into writing

It is the writer who

Changes of heart are

Rejected pieces arent failure unwritten

Conflict is drama and how

Its also important to not

There is no rule on

For me writing is exploration

Sometimes stories cry out to

Be brave and have the

The...thing you have to do

Writing is like a sport

The struggle to master a

Talent is way down on

Humor is the most precious

Books are the bees which

As I look back on

A book too can be

If you rewrite a paragraph

You will never find time

The finest writing not only

By words the mind is

If there were one way

How you write the story

Becoming a writer means being

Begin every story in the

Ideas are the cheapest part

If writing is easy youre

Rejection isnt a sign of

Words have to be crafted

Thats the beauty of books

I dont like to call

Never give up For that

You want to write a

Im writing a first draft

I begin with an idea

Know your ending I say

A writer never has a

Writings difficult and obsessive Its

Be careful of being cute

The only end of writing

If your story has a

Heres one thing Ive learnt

Good books dont give up

Become emotionally involved If you

Good descriptions never occur in

When your writer self feels

We admire characters for their

I try to leave out

Backstory is swimmingly swooshing in

Writing is daring to feel

Write one good clean sentence

You are the ONLY person

Best descriptions tend to be

A love of writing is

Ive published 20 books the

Write as if youll never

Revision is renewal Try not

Write about it by day

If youre writing a scene

Breathe all the life you

Read a thousand books and

Conflict is an important ingredient

The only writer to whom

Being a writer was never

Thats the magic of revisions

Books transport us to magical

Like brush stroke

A rejection is nothing terrible

But paradoxically be kind with

Writers do no wait for

Remember that your first line

Theres no underestimating how important

Dont loaf and invite inspiration

You can take for granted

Fiction writers are troublemakers

If I waited till I

Words so innocent and

You only learn to be

Books put names on big

Language is phenomenal I have

People will give you all

I retreat into my fictional

Ideas are the cheapest part

When we write fiction we

Nurture yourself Read a great

The minute you suggest you

The moment comes when a

What is the worst thing

Writing is like anything else

In the end deadlines are

pushing myself to create work

It took me eight years

Being a writer means doing

Dialogue scenes should always further

Your passion for the character

Writing is an act of

Writing fiction feels like an

Write Rewrite When not writing

Write from the soul not

Never give up for that

Most things good for writing

If you cant be bothered

I love that point when

I dont care if a

Good writing is supposed to

Excuses are a time thief

Every published author Ive met

Dont write it right just

Authors have to be brave

A writers duty is to

A book is simply the

A book is a device

Excuses are

Opportunity often comes disguised in

I have never started a

Art is the most intense

Solitude is as needful to

The words you use and

These are not books lumps

Young readers are asking for

The true alchemists do not

If a book comes from

It is the greatest of

If I actually write three

The tale is often wiser

Our instinct as human beings

Creativity is allowing yourself to

Three Rules for Literary Success

The contents of my books

A professional writer is an

Quantity produces quality If you

Sometimes writing is running downhill

Fiction is about emotional resonance

A writers voice is not

Wait as much time between

We need encouragement a lot

This is how you do

There is no greater agony

Illustrations have as much to

Being defeated is often a

A plot is the web

Being a teenager usually sucks

I like stories that feel

I cant tell you how

You need to remember not

Every wellwritten book is a

I write to give myself

In queries avoid verbs like

Knowing is not enough we

Cant imagine sitting with a

Truth isnt stranger than fiction

You have to love writing

The writing of a poem

Write what should not be

People take different roads seeking

Fairy tales are more than

Criticism like rain should be

I shall live badly if

If there is no possibility

The act of writing is

Writing a novel is like

Better to do something imperfectly

Writing isnt just on the

The ending has to fit

They may forget what you

In the end you can

If you tell me its

Writing is a job a

Most new writers think its

I tend to slip my

Doubt kills more dreams

Treat all your secondary characters

Start writing, no matter what.

I often carry

You need to believe

Your book is in

You need more than

You must write for

You know you've read

You do not have

Writing tends to spring

Writing made me feel

Writing is rewriting... If

Writing is a struggle

Writing is a marathon

Writers approximate real-life talking

Write what disturbs you,

Write something so painfully

Write about what you're

Write about it by

Words can be like

Who has time to

When writers "fudge" format

When something can be

When James Cross Giblin

When a story works

When a story goes

What people are ashamed

What inhibits me as

We do not write

Use adverbs as if

There's a war in

There is no substitute

There is no perfect

There are no 1st

The yearning to be

The wastebasket is a

The title of your

The stuff that's going

The protagonist ...cannot be

The pages are still

The more you read

The misconception about children's

The kind of story

The general rule of

The fact is that

The desire to write

The antidote to envy

Tension is created by

Talent is helpful in

Style happens naturally. If

Story ideas begin as

Stories that you read

Start early and work

Someone has to write

Some stories ought to

Sleep on your writing

Selling a book is

Remember, the harder you

Remember the words you

Reading blogs will not

Read what you have

Read like a wolf

Poetry is an art

Other writers might have

One should write to

One ought only to

My morale is starting

Most writers are writers

Lucky is what others

It is by sitting

Inspiration is another name

In the deepest hour

In action scenes we

If you use the

If you don't jump

If you don't have

If words are to

If one dream should

If I talk about

If a writer begins

I'd always thought you

I would go to

I went to college

I was a very

I want my own

I try to make

I think writer's block

I think of writing

I think every morning

I tell my students

I love writing. I

I have written a

I ask new writers

Have regrets. They are

Had I been limited

Great works are performed

Finish what you're writing

Everything that doesn't kill

Every writer is a

Every character should want

Don't write merely to

Don't get it right

Don't be afraid to

Discipline provides the canvas.

Creating stories is our

Craft without inspiration leads

Choices are important

Children are a great

Books aren't written, they're

Beware of bad books

Being a writer and

As a writer, words

As a writer you

Artistic creativity is a

Analyzing humor is like

Always be a first-rate

All really good picture

A writer's job is

A writer is always

A writer has many

A query letter is

A good title should

A critical part of

A character is what

Perfect wants to vote

Metaphors have a way

I like to be surprised

We're not giving

You write to communicate

Characters and plots

Most new writers think

Don't leave your Lead character alone very long

Present setting from the inside out

Write with nouns and verbs

Read, read, read. Read everything

What is reading, but silent

I have to have lots

In revision, as a rough

Writing has laws of perspective,

The smallest actual goal is

The most valuable of all

The harder you work, the

One day I work on

I think the most important

It's amazing what happens when

The trouble with's hard

I'm writing a book. I

I believe that the only

Sit down and put down

Without emotion to touch us,

Don’t be in too much

I like my first lines

The greatest part of a

That which is written without

Authors and lovers always suffer

I want to write a

All speech, written or spoken,

The beautiful part of writing

Poetry is when an emotion

No tears in the writer,

Freelance writer: One who gets

The secret of good writing

I believe I have one

...a criticism means that there

I write when I'm inspired.

A writer is the verbal

What separates a lot of

One technique I've found really

The most perfect technique is

Success comes to a writer

I was working on the

Being a real writer means

Writing is like steering a

No matter how good the

Writing the last page of

You get ideas from daydreaming.

Ends are great. If you

Things needs not have happened

The Ideas aren't the hard

The only way to stay

Writing kept me sane when

DO NOT attempt to bring

Writing a picture book is

You may have a fresh

When I'm in the middle

Keep away from people who

I conceive that the right

You have to write whichever

Kids, especially, feel that everyone

When I was a new

Words are things; and a

In my opinion, page one

Every now and then go

I hope my books help

Just the knowledge that a

I like to write about

The really hard work of

In order to have a

Be aware that every word

Reading is to the mind

Poetry is truth in its

Most writers enjoy two periods

The profession of book-writing makes

The artist brings something into

I made a list of

It took me a long

Books are the compasses and

The world of reality has

Marketing is important, but it's

The only thing I can

I know NO writers of

Every first draft is perfect

If you don't envision

Writing a story without a premise

Writing is turning one's worst

The secret of success is

If my doctor told me

Use the talents you possess,

A book lying idle on a shelf

Never give up

Don't ask me who's influenced me.

Good prose is like

You can’t write if you don't read.

Some books are to be tasted

Writing is long periods of thinking and

My aim is to put down on paper

There’s a difference between getting money

This writing business. Pencils and what not.

The living language is like a cow-path

The best writing is rewriting.

Writing a novel is like

Writing is an exploration.

I’m usually not inspired as much as

You have to live life

Every writer makes mistakes

I spill milk in the first draft

Pearl Buck received a rejection

Sometimes writers have an answer

I use setting sort of like a chef

I tend to think of a premise

Better to write for yourself

There are moments when I

Our admiration of fine writing

A new idea is delicate.

You are never too old

Don't use words too big

It is perfectly okay to write garbage

The right story at the moment

Writing is, first and foremost

If you would not be forgotten

Good fiction writing is

Talent made a poor appearance.

Don't tell me the moon is shining

To be a successful children’s writer

The role of a writer

Each writer’s process is as

You only need to see

If you've never been rejected

Real Writers get rejected.

I cannot judge my work

You have to write a

If I haven't written it,

Change is not made without

We must wake up knowing

A writer who waits for

Don't judge each day by

Writing is hard work, and

When I face the desolate

I don't know what inspiration

The dictionary is the only

A novelist: a person who

Everyone is different and that

I believe that good questions

It doesn't matter if it's

If your story's plot offers

Creating convincing characters and exciting

There are many surprises in

Voice is the personality conveyed

The author of a novel

But what does it mean

To me, a mystery is

A story isn't about a

Fiction is a lie, and

Writing is like cooking...if you

Sure, it's simple, writing for

You must write for children

The ability to simplify means

It seems strange to have

Imagery is powerful shorthand. It

The best way to have

You can't wait for inspiration,

Opportunity dances with those who

I was told to write

Writing is no trouble: you

It is as easy to

A writer is like a

We are cups, constantly and

Those who don't believe in

Writing is a voice that

The best books come from

I love writing that is

Write about the emotions you

If you want to write