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Strange the Dreamer

strangethedreamer.jpgStrange the Dreamer (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, 2017) by Laini Taylor is a fascinating book. And it just was named a 2018 Printz Honor Book. Woo hoo!

Lazlo Strange--foundling, loner, and now librarian--has always been fascinated by the Unseen City, or Weep as it is now called, the city that was cut off from the rest of the world 200 years ago. As a librarian Lazlo has made his own books about the Unseen City from every scrap of information he can find. He's even learned to speak the language. So when visitors from the Unseen City arrive in the Kingdom of Zosma asking for help, Lazlo must figure out a way to make the trek to the Unseen City and find out what their problem is.

As I neared the end of the book, I wondered how Laini was going to pull off a satisfying ending, and she did, but I was thrilled to find out there's going to be a sequel. Maybe even this year...

Read about author Laini Taylor and her books here.

The Sun Is Also a Star

sunisalsoastar.jpgThe Sun Is Also a Star (Delacorte Press, 2016) by Nicola Yoon is an impactful book that covers a very short time period in the two protagonists lives. The book is mainly told from the viewpoints of two teens from immigrant families. We also get some insight with viewpoints of some other characters.

First, we meet Daniel who feels like he has to accept his destiny and become a doctor because his oldest brother has screwed up. Daniel's family is from Korea.

Then we met Natascha who is angry at her father. Her mother says she should give up on trying to keep them in America. Her little brother thinks Jamaica will be better.

The two meet on the day Natascha's family is being deported and the day Daniel is being interviewed for Yale. And what an amazing, frustrating, busy day they have. These two couldn't be more different. One is a romantic, the other a scientist--you'll have to read it to see which is which.

How could a story like this have a satisfactory ending? Well, it does.

This book is a National Book Award Finalist, Michael L. Printz Honor Book, and New York Times Best Seller.

Nicola's unofficial bio makes me smile. I haven't yet read her book Everything, Everything. I hope she keeps writing.

Who Killed Christopher Goodman?

WhoKilledCG.jpgWho Killed Christopher Goodman? (Candlewick Press, 2017) by Allan Wolf is a story based on a true crime. This YA historical novel, set in 1979, is inspired by the an event in the author's past. The story is told in multiple viewpoints, including the killer's.

Everyone likes teenager Christopher Goodman, even if he is kinda weird. But that's what makes his murder even more shocking.

The characters whose voices we hear are Doc Chestnut--The Sleepwalker, Leonard Pelf--The Runaway, Squib Kaplan--The Genius, Hunger McCoy--the Good Ol' Boy, Hazel Turner--the Farm Girl, and Mildred Penny--the Stamp Collector. They are all participating in the Deadwood Days street festival which everyone attends for some summer excitement.

It's a story of broken and repaired friendships, love, hatred, revenge, hard work, and more.

Go here to see what else Allan has written and has coming out soon. His bio is here where you'll find out he is a poet as well as an author.

Six of Crows

six-of-crows.pngSix of Crows (Henry Holt and Company, 2015) by Leigh Bardugo is a fascinating YA fantasy of a band of young people each with their own unique issues. The story is told in multiple viewpoints.

Kaz Brekker has an idea for the biggest heist ever. The item to steal isn't jewels or money, but a man in an impregnable prison. Those he asks to go with him are Inej--the Suli girl also know as The Wraith, Jesper--a good shot and gambler, Nina--a heartrender--though some consider her a witch, Matthias--the foreigner who knows the layout of the Ice Palace, and Wylan--a run away who can setup explosions.

This crew isn't the only one attempting this venture. But besides the riches to be had, they might just be the only ones to protect others from a very deadly drug.

crooked_kingdom.pngWhat's really exciting is that this NY Times bestseller has a sequel! It's called Crooked Kingdom.

Go here to read about the author and to see her other books.

What Goes Up

whatgoesup.jpgWhat Goes Up (Bloomsbury, 2017) by Katie Kennedy is a scifi novel written in two viewpoints. I loved it!

Both Eddie and Rosa are applying to NASA's Interworlds Agency tryouts. Only two out of 200 just done with their junior year students will make the cut. Two days of testing. And confirmation that there are aliens. The math and physics exams aren't too unusual, but the idiosyncratic exams are something else. Rosa should make the cut--look at her background. But Eddie--he's trouble.

The book has humor, danger, romance, friendship, sorrow, and more. Don't miss it.

You can read Katie's bio here. She also has another book out--Learning to Swear in America--another scifi. I need to get it.

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